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Welcome to Lifestyle for Her, I’m Trina Newby, Chief Lifestyle Ambassador.   You know, there’s nothing like waking up each day and excited to embrace the world, because you’re living within your purpose! So often, women are busy with activities and going through the daily grind of life that they forget to take care of themselves!  So, here you get to focus on you and make money while doing so!  

I invite you to join us and become a Lifestyle Ambassador.  Let’s support one another, travel, have fun and accomplish our dreams and goals together!

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Live Your Best Life Now!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey Do you believe in accomplishing your dreams and goals now rather than in the distant future?  Over the generations, many women have embraced the belief that you must work a 9 to 5...

Success Is A Process!

In this wonderful segment of “Note to Self” on CBS News, in rare form, Oprah Winfrey shares what she would say to her past self and the wisdom she would share in the now. She starts the letter sweetly with “Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Girl”.